Advanced Dental Technology

Intraoral Cameras

When you come to the dentist for your regular, scheduled cleaning, our number one goal is to help you understand the state of your oral health. Using intraoral cameras, we show you the condition of your teeth while we discuss the condition of your teeth and how further corrosion can be prevented. We want you to completely understand the treatments we recommend, and that’s why we invest in intraoral cameras, among other technologies, to help you do that. 

Digital X-Rays

Out with the old, in with the new! With digital X-ray technology, we capture clearer and more accurate images compared to traditional X-rays. The biggest difference is that digital X-rays are connected to a computer and not a film, and they produce 80% less radiation. At Canyon Rim Dental, we are dedicated to only the best advanced dental technology to take care of your teeth. Let’s ignite that fire together!

CT Scanner

For more complicated dental procedures, usually involving both the bone and soft tissue, we provide CT scans. It is a painless, noninvasive and accurate procedure that provides even more information than a digital X-ray would. Our CT scanner allows for more precise treatment planning for procedures such as root canals, bone grafting, dental implants, or patients who could possibly have sleep apnea.


We provide the CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) machine to customize ceramic dental restorations. For those who may need porcelain crowns or dentures, our CEREC utilizes your existing teeth to make exact, detailed replications of your teeth. This ensures maximum comfort, wearability, and aesthetic appeal for our beloved patients. Additionally, the CEREC eliminates waste that would otherwise occur with human processes during dental procedures.

Soft Tissue Laser

Want fast results and fast healing? We invest in the best advanced dental technology like the soft tissue laser for your maximum comfort! The soft tissue laser allows for precise control and reduces bleeding and swelling during painful visits to the dentist. It also helps seal blood vessels and nerve endings, leading to less mouth pain. Canyon Rim Dental is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, which we guarantee with the soft tissue laser and other technologies we provide.

Canyon Rim Dental has been an absolute dream! I loved how warm and welcoming they were from the second that I stepped into their practice... Truly amazing!

Eve Crawford

Okay listen. I started going to this office when I lived five minutes away. I moved about thirty minutes away and this is still the place I go to… I HATE the dentist. But by golly I love MY dentist. I am so grateful I found this group of people to help me out with something I dislike so much.

MacKenzie K.

Dr. Sean and the entire staff at Canyon Rim Dental are wonderful!
Dentist trips aren’t my favorite thing, but honestly I’m looking forward to going back because all the girls were so sweet and the dentist was super cool too.

Kimberly P.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Sean Cook and his entire team at Canyon Rim Dental.

Cynthia C.

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