Cosmetic Dentistry

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

There is nothing more rewarding than leaving the dentist with cleaner, healthier teeth and an improved smile. We believe that improving your smile can help you ignite your fire for life, and skyrocket you towards your goals! Through cosmetic dentistry, we are committed to creating a smile you are proud of. 

If your teeth are stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, and/or gapped, cosmetic dentistry is the solution for you. The services we provide at Canyon Rim Dental can make regular cleaning easier, improve your confidence and even reduce tooth grinding.

Why choose cosmetic dentistry if it isn’t necessarily going to improve your dental or oral health? To improve your quality of life. We believe that feeling confident with your smile is the key to igniting your fire and living a fulfilling life.

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Common Issues Where Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

Some common issues that cosmetic dentistry can help solve include tooth gaps, receding gums, or yellowing teeth, all of which can almost always be fixed. Orthodontics, straightening teeth, tend to fall into this category as well. 

Filling in large gaps, repairing cracked or chipped teeth, and replacing missing teeth altogether can also be part of the process of improving your smile. 

Throw away those whitening strips, and instead visit our office to receive bleaching or laser treatments that can lighten your teeth up to sixteen shades! Call us at (480) 962-1500 to book your appointment today.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures Offered at Canyon Rim Dental

Each dentist considers different procedures when evaluating each individual patient. Because of modern improvements to dental technology, many traditional procedures are now quicker, more effective and in many cases, pain-free. Through a collection of services we offer at Canyon Rim Dental, cosmetic dentistry improves both the appearance and function of your teeth.

Dental Bonding

Have a chipped or cracked tooth? We can perform dental bonding to repair it. This procedure also helps with discolored, gapped, or lengthening teeth that may be shorter than the rest. The color that is used to fill in the tooth will be similar to the color of the rest of your teeth to help it look natural. Not only does dental bonding help with the overall appearance of your teeth, but it is also vital to fix cracked teeth to prevent further damage and prevent the decay of the surrounding teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening services are safer and more effective than at-home whitening techniques. In most cases, it is worth the cost to go to the dentist for your teeth-whitening needs. This procedure can be done by breaking up stain compounds on the front layer of your teeth, or with a laser. There is no major difference in results between laser whitening and bleaching, but your decision should be made in conjunction with the dentist. Call our office today to get your teeth whitening questions answered at (480) 962-1500.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are prosthetic caps cemented over the damaged tooth to restore appearance and functionality. There are a couple of different types of dental crowns, but porcelain crowns appear the most natural due to their translucent color. They are most commonly used for front tooth restoration for this reason. 

Call now to book your appointment with one of our dentists. We are excited to see how we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Veneers for Teeth

Dental veneers are a popular choice for those with misshaped, gapped, or chipped teeth as well. They are made of porcelain, are permanent and lasting (they will not chip), and are a solution for more stubbornly yellow teeth. They blend in with the surrounding teeth and are stain-resistant, unlike teeth bonding. It may be best to use a combination of both dental veneers and dental bonding to best address your cosmetic needs.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

For patients who have gotten a cavity recently, a composite tooth-colored filling is the most effective treatment. Unlike traditional fillings, tooth-colored fillings are meant to blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. It is possible that sedation is needed in order to perform this procedure. 

To prevent discoloration or cavities in the future, we recommend dental sealants and professional fluoride treatments for strengthening the enamel. Visit our office in Mesa, AZ for your regular teeth cleaning needs!

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Okay listen. I started going to this office when I lived five minutes away. I moved about thirty minutes away and this is still the place I go to… I HATE the dentist. But by golly I love MY dentist. I am so grateful I found this group of people to help me out with something I dislike so much.

MacKenzie K.

Dr. Sean and the entire staff at Canyon Rim Dental are wonderful!
Dentist trips aren’t my favorite thing, but honestly I’m looking forward to going back because all the girls were so sweet and the dentist was super cool too. They made me feel comfortable and were so accommodating. The place was fresh & clean and they had all the nice new technology. Totally recommend!!

Kimberly P.

They are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I trust them completely! I am at ease in their care. Dr. Sean is passionate about his state-of-the-art practice.

Cynthia C

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