Smile Shape Procedure

What is the Smile Shape Procedure?

In a single visit to our Canyon Rim dentist office, you can have the smile of your dreams! Our Smile Shape Procedure is designed to create the perfect smile from your natural teeth by taking advantage of what you already have and making it better. 

In the case of a misshapen tooth, gums that are too long, and even a few discolored teeth, one visit to our Mesa office can change the way you see yourself in the mirror forever. The Smile Shape Procedure can consist of teeth whitening, teeth reshaping (crown lengthening), and gingivectomy (gum contouring). We provide many different types of procedures that will perfect your smile and ignite the fire that’s already within you! Consult with one of our dentists to talk about which procedure(s) are right for you. 

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What Are the Benefits of the Smile Shape Procedure?

All of these smaller procedures add up and create one larger one that we call the Smile Shape. Creating the perfect smile never seemed so easy! 

One visit can go a long way, and the Smile Shape Procedure is designed to get you in and out of the dentist office in just a few short hours. We will keep your natural teeth intact while making slight adjustments—it could mean the difference between an asymmetrical smile and a symmetrical one. We also aim to improve your oral health while inspecting your mouth and giving you recommendations and the choices you need to make an informed decision about your oral health.

Get ready to start smiling confidently! Call now to make an appointment at Canyon Rim Dental today.

Teeth Whitening

The ancient Egyptians began the practice of teeth whitening around 4,000 years ago by creating a whitening paste using ground pumice stone mixed in wine vinegar. There’s a reason for this that still stands true today! Whiter teeth indicate youthfulness and make us look more attractive, smarter and wealthier than those with stained or yellow teeth. 

Our office performs this popular procedure safely and effectively. Whitening done by our dentists can get your teeth brighter, faster. Bleaching, strips, and other forms of at-home teeth whitening can be risky and cause tooth sensitivity, and can damage your gums if done improperly. In-office whitening is highly recommended for a quick and safe solution to yellow or yellowing teeth.

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Gingivectomy (Gum Contouring)

In cases of gingivitis or cosmetic fixes such as gum recession, a gingivectomy, also called gum contouring, may be the solution. This procedure consists of the surgical removal of gum tissue to remove buildup of plaque, bacteria, or tartar that usually cause gum disease. Any diseased gum tissue can be removed as well, all in this one procedure!

A gingivectomy is a fairly simple procedure that could be necessary to get the smile of your dreams. Talk to one of our dentists to know what is best for your oral health. Call us at (480) 962-1500 to schedule an appointment today.

Crown Lengthening

The crown lengthening procedure makes your teeth look longer by removing gum tissue and/or bone. It is a standard procedure that sculps an uneven gum line and helps create a symmetrical smile. A great advantage of crown lengthening is that you only ever need to get it once in your lifetime. It also helps reduce tooth decay because the tooth can be brushed and flossed more easily. 

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